• Certified, experienced consultants.

  • Tailor-made classroom training.

  • Need experienced technical help on your road-show or trade show? We can help!

  • Fast deployment and a clear understanding of your needs are important to us!

  • Time-strapped? We offer weekly webinars – see it all in less than 1 hour!

  • High quality Virtual classroom training.

  • Offices in multiple locations. We offer our services in English, German, Dutch, Afrikaans and French.

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Kosan is a global company, specialising in product specific consulting services. We bridge the gap between Software Manufacturers and their Resellers/Partners. To that end our trained consultants offer assistance to the resellers in the form of web presentations, helpdesk, online support and training, roadshows and installation and consulting at the end users site. As we do not sell any software, we are service orientated, and therefore no threat to the resellers. The advantage for the software Manufacturer is that Kosan is knowledgeable in their products and can offer our services in various languages in the local European Markets.

Our business model means that everyone can focus on that part that creates value to them: - The Manufacturer focus on product development, the Reseller on selling the software and we assist those resellers in achieving results. With our tried and tested methods, the sales cycle is shortened, and turnaround is improved. Most important of all, the end users are well equipped to use the software they invested in.

In today’s competitive business environment, there is no room for second guessing!